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Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement

Beautiful young woman doing hair with ironHave you started noticing that your hair is thinning or you’re balding on only parts of your head? Hair loss and balding are common issues that plague thousands of people each year for a  myriad of reasons. Some patients can blame aging, hormonal imbalances or family history on these diminishing roots, but whatever the reason Anagen Hair, Face and Body Solutions can help with our specialized hair replacement services.

At Anagen Hair, Face and Body Solutions our hair replacement services are a great non-surgical alternative to hair transplants. We start by examining your hair and determine the optimal points for replacement. Using precise methods we add the hair strand by strand making sure to seamlessly intertwine the replacement with your existing hair.

male beautyAll our replacements are fully customizable and tailored specifically to your needs and preferences. We'll get you the most natural look possible without the exorbitant price tags!

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I never thought my hair would ever look good again after having bad extensions done. The breakage in my hair was so bad, I thought I would have to wear a wig the rest of my life. Now my hair is growing so fast. Thank you again for saving my hair & my self esteem. You are the BEST!

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